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Welcome to Puerto Rico

This beautiful Caribbean island will allow you, your family and your pets the opportunity to enjoy wonderful weather all year long, so those short winter walks will become a thing of the past.


It can get a bit hot and humid during our summer months, so allow your pets time to acclimatize and don’t overdue it with the exercise for the first few months. Remember to have fresh water available at all times, and for those that like to spend time outdoors, a place with good shade.

We also recommend using those plastic kiddy pools for our patients that live outside: a quick dip allows them to rapidly cool off. Remember that dogs don’t sweat and they can only get rid of the heat by panting and irradiating heat into the environment.

As a tropical country, Puerto Rico has its share of pesky internal and external parasites. We recommend using heartworm preventative all year, preferably those that also aid in the control of intestinal parasitism.

Fleas and ticks are common all year long; nevertheless, we only recommend external parasite control to animals that are at risk or suffer from conditions (like skin allergies) where insect bites cause complications. Beware of ticks in PR, which can transmit a blood parasite called Ehrlichia.

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Dr. Juan Luis Ferrer

Our hospital, Hospital de Animales Villa Caparra, has been established for 34 years, during which we have made it our mission to provide all our patients with progressive, humane medical care, and our clients with efficient, friendly service.

As part of our commitment to quality medicine, we have been accredited AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association)  members for 32 of those years, making us the only ones in the island to have this distinction.

We are a full service hospital providing all your pet’s needs:  from a medicated bath or groom,  to advanced diagnostic technology like ultrasound, in-house clinical pathology and anesthetic monitoring.

For your convenience, we offer pickup and delivery services as well as day care and boarding in our veterinary supervised facilities.

Hospital de Animales Villa Caparra is located in Guaynabo:  234 Road #2,  Villa Caparra.

Come see us, or if you prefer, give us a call: (787) 781-9339. 

As we say in Puerto Rico, “estamos a las órdenes”.